Our church suffered major structural damage on September 25, 2013 when over 70% of
the ceiling / framework collapsed in the church sanctuary. As a result, there was major damage done to our ceiling, chandeliers, pews, floor, etc. (view photos to the right).

We are in dire need of funds for cleanup and restoration. Contractors and engineers have been onsite and are estimating the damage to be approximately $100,000.
The church congregation is devastated by this news.

The church is insured by United National Specialty Insurance Company but when contacted, we were told
that the structure was not covered
for reasons that the damage was not a named peril (Act of God).

Thank you in advance for your giving. May God Bless you richly for your generosity.

Spotlight is a pillar in the community:

  • We sponsor community days every summer providing food, clothes and valuable information through different vendors (i.e., health awareness, safety awareness,
    monthly budget analysis, etc.).
  • During the summer months, we use our building to participate in a “Summer Food Program” which provides breakfast and lunch for school-age as well as disabled children.
  • For the past 2 years, we have run a summer camp program to assist working parents. We provided food and activities for kids 3-12yrs old at a very low cost for community families.
  • We are in the planning stages of starting an afterschool program with the hopes of being a positive influence to our children in the community. It will also
    provide computer training for children and adults teaching them the necessary skills to navigate the internet.
  • Our “Bountiful Blessings” ministry provides furniture, clothing, shelter and food for those who are in need throughout the year. So, whether
    people experience loss from fire, flood or are just in need, we are there to help.

Give generously! Feel free to reach out to us: Email Us for more information

Spotlight Deliverance Temple is a 501C3 organization

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