Our church was founded in 1968 in Bristol, PA. Over the years we have worked together to promote God’s Word and lift up His son Jesus so that all might be saved. OurĀ  focus is to show God’s love through ministry and service to our congregation and surrounding community.

Our Pastor is Phillip K. Jackson Sr. He and his wife Lady Carmen Jackson were installed in 2006 and have faithfully served with dignity and class. We have been blessed under his leadership to increase our faith in God and knowledge of His Word.

Our Overseer is Bishop F.T. Stephens, Sr. He has been the leader of our church since 1968 when he came to Bristol with the late Ella Mae Stephens. Bishop and his wife Lady Elect Shirley Meyers-Stephens are pillars of our church and provide spiritual guidance and wisdom all the time.

Our ministries are integral to our service to the congregation. We are pleased to volunteer and offer additional resources like art classes, community days, musical concerts and more to the surrounding community.

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