Remember these saints and loved ones when you are in your prayer time with God this week.

Prayer List:

Alexis Johnson Twyman
Andre Lewis
Angel Robinson
Apostle Vanessa Livingston
April Crump
Audwin Thomas
Barbara Stephens
Brian Lambert
Briana Collymore
Charlotte Sheats
Charnnay Mickens
Christina Wilkinson
Dee Dee Williams & family
Donna Rosas
Future Gerald
Jacqueline Crawford
Jared Bradley
Jayne Marshall
Jessie Blount
Josephine Darlington
Joyce Butler

Kendra Morris
Khari Stephens
Kimberly Robinson
Kuriyah Russell
Lady Stephens
LaTecha Bush & family
Lonshaya Bradley
Lorraine Drury & family
Madison River
Marquise Meyers
Michael Sheats
Mother Hamlett
Mother Jackson
Mother Janie McCray
Mother Thurman
Overseer Alice Sykes
Pastor & Lady Jackson
Patricia Brooks & Family
Patsy Brown
Regina Fulton
Rob Perry

Shawn Robinson
Sylvia Hinton
Tamara Daniels
Tamara Mendenhall & Jada Williams
Tawanda Hall & Johnson family
Tyqueis Randolph
Valerie Blount
Verna Ceily
Virginia Harper
Zianna Berry
Bereaved families
The people of Ukraine and Russia
Those affected by weather related disasters.
The City of Phiadelphia
President Biden
Vice President Harris
The United States Congress
The United States of America